The Many-Strings Educational Experience

San Diego and California History-Music Sequences

  • "Thank you for the very entertaining and enlightening program …we look forward to seeing you again,”Coordinator, Mission Trails Regional Park
  • "We all greatly enjoyed it (Mission Tails Docent Program) and just wished you could have stayed longer,” Ranger, Mission Trails Regional Park
  • "Thank you so much for everything that you have done…the kids look so forward to your lessons…they are the highlight of our week…I am thrilled that you are willing to come back…You are wonderful.” Susan, 3rd grade teacher
  • "Thank you for a lot of amazing Fridays with music and fun!” Freda, 3rd grade student
  • "Thank you again for coming in today. What a treat to teach history to people through music. Great visitor involvement. I will keep you posted on Tuesday dates with educational groups. I look forward to seeing you here again.” Tavio, NPS Ranger
  • "I will be singing the songs you taught us all summer. My favorite songs are "John Kanaka,” "Yankee Doodle,” and "A Frog Went A-Courting.” Ainsle, 3rd grade student
  • "Thank you, Chris, for a wonderful program!!! Everyone had fun:) Hope to have you back again in the near future.” Jennifer, Librarian
  • "You are a very nice teacher…I’ve never had a music teacher like you. You are awesome.” Jamie, student
  • "I would like to extend a big thank you to you, Jamie and your Many Strings for participating in the 4th Annual Parks and Open Spaces Day this year. I am pleased that the day transpired into a huge success.” Emily, NPS Ranger
  • "You do an awesome job...keep up the good work! See you next year!” Brian, 4th grade teacher
  • "Thank you for the wonderful assemblies today.” Derek, SDCS Principal
  • "Would love to do music again…” Nina, 4th grade teacher
  • "Piano, banjo, drums and guitar are a few of the things that make you who you are…you make me feel special for who I might be.” Jessica, 5th grade student