Many-Strings: Music and Music Education

Many-Strings is the musical collaboration of Chris and Jamie. We are vetted performers with the City of San Diego and San Diego County. We have three types of musical offerings:

  1. Many-Strings: Jamie on hammered dulcimer and Chris on guitar. Our instrumental music is a delightful mix of Renaissance, Celtic, American and classical melodies. The rich interaction between our instruments creates a sound that is simultaneously upbeat and melodic. Jamie is inspired by the traditions of folk and Irish music, including Turlough O'Carolan. Chris' contributions reflect the diversity of the classical world along with his love for instrumental music.
  2. Many-Strings: American and World Folk Music: Featuring the guitar, banjo, piano-flute, ethnic percussion, these shows have an authentic thematic focus. Titles include "Celtic Songs from Shannon's Pub," "The History of San Diego Through Music," "Music of the Wild West," "A Treasure Chest of Songs," and many more. See the "Music and History" tab for a complete list.
  3. Music Appreciation classes: Mozart, Copland, Jazz, Rock, American Folk, and much more. Educational, Musical, and very enjoyable. Customized for libraries, OASIS, Educators and retirement communities. See the "Music and History" tab for a complete list.
 Many-Strings Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar Concerts:
  • The Roots of American Folk Music: Renaissance, Bach, English, Irish melodies, concluding with traditional and contemporary American folk tunes.
  • Water Music: Music from the sea, lakes, rivers, and the journey to America.
  • December Notes: Seasonal winter, Christmas, and other holiday-themed melodies.
  • Celtic Notes: Beautiful melodies from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and other Celtic regions
  • Notes for an Exhibition: A delightful selection of music that features the beauty of the hammered dulcimer and guitar.

We encourage you to contact us for any event where beautiful music is desired.

Our Performance history has included shows and events, such as.

1. Concerts: Mission Hills Library, Mission Trails Regional Park, The Serra/Presidio, and similar venues.

2. Music for Art Galleries and Special Events: The San Diego International Airport, Terminal 2 Arts Venue, Dan McGeorge Gallery, and similar venues.
3. Music for Retail: 1906 Lodge Coronado, The Star of India, Big Sur Lodge, and other fine venues.
4. Music for Well-being and Health: Scripps La Jolla, Prebys  Cardio Vascular Institute,The Braille Institute, and similar venues.

OASIS Winter, Spring, and Fall Music Events:  (register through OASIS San Diego)
  • Hans Zimmer: Composer of Spectacular Film Music, Jan. 13th, 3-4pm
  • Haydn: The Father of the Symphony. Jan. 27, 3-4pm
  • Live Show at Nester Library: History of San Diego Through Music, Jan. 28, 1-2pm
  • Live Show at College Rolando Library, Songs from Shady Grove, Roots, Feb. 4th, 10:30- 1 hr
  • The Special Creativity of Luigi Boccherini, Feb. 10, 3-4pm
  • Bruch: Master of the Romantic Violin, Feb. 24, 3-4pm
  • Composed in Ireland: March 17, 3-4pm.
  • Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn: The Sonata Piano: March 31, 3-4pm 
  • Tchaikovsky's Ballets, April 14. 3-4pm
  • Music from France and Paris, April 28, 3-4pm
  • Felix Mendelssohn: Classical and Romantic: Friday, May 12, 3-4 pm
  • Live Show: Songs from Shady Grove, Mission Hills/Hillcrest Library, Monday, May 22nd, 6:30-7:30pm
  • John Barry: Master Film Composer, Friday, May 26th, 3-4pm
  • Country Music: American Expressions, Friday, June 2nd, 3-4pm
  • Composed in Spain, Friday, June 23, 3-4 pm
  • Debussy: French Images, July 7, 3-4pm
  • Bluegrass: Kentucky to San Diego, Friday, July 21, 3-4pm
  • Brahms: Romantic Era Master, Friday, Aug. 4, 3-4 pm
  • James Horner: Film Scores to Love, Friday, Aug. 18, 3-4pm.
  • Live Show: Songs from the Wild West: OASIS Grossmont Center Campus, Friday, Aug. 25th at 1pm
  • Composed in America, Friday, Sept. 15th, 3-4pm
  • Live: Songs from the Wild West: Alpine Library, Sept. 16 at 10:30-11:30 a.m.
  • Composed in America Pt.2, Friday, Sept. 29th. 3-4 pm
  • Robert and Clara Schumann, Friday, Oct. 6th, 3-4pm
  • From England's Green Fields: Friday, Oct. 13, 3-4pm
  • Liszt and Chopin, Two Supernovas, Friday, Oct. 20, 3-4m
  • Amazing Women Composers: Pt. Loma Library, Wed. Nov. 1, 1-2pm
  • Fabulous Music from Animated Film, Friday, Nov. 3, 3-4pm
  • Mozart, The Boy Wonder, Friday, Nov. 17, 3-4pm
  • The Five Main Classical Music Periods, Friday, Dec. 1, 3-4pm
  • Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Friday, Dec. 15, 3-4pm

Other Public Events: 2023 
  • The Music of Hans Zimmer: LJCC, Jan. 17, 1-2
  • Fabulous Women Composers: LJCC, Feb. 21, 1-2
  • Live: Molly's Tavern Irish Songs, Santee Library at the Rec. Center, March 1, 10-11 am.
  • Live: Molly's Tavern Irish Songs, Bonita-Sunnyside Library, March 11, 2-3
  • Fabulous Women Composers: Borrego Springs Library, March 15th, 4-5pm
  • Live Show: Songs from Molly's Tavern, Borrego Springs Library, March 16th, 4-5pm
  • Composed in Ireland, LJCC, March 28, 1-2pm
  • Beethoven's Symphonies, LJCC, April 18, 1-2pm
  • Live Show: Songs and Ballads from Molly's Tavern: La Jolla Community Center, Friday, April 21 at 12noon
  • Live: Life on the Tracks: Train Songs: Bonita-Sunnyside Library, April 29, 2-3
  • Live: Songs from Shady Grove: Am. Roots: Santee Rec. Senior Luncheon, May 10, 12-1pm
  • Debussy: French Impressions: LJCC, May 16, 1-2pm
  • Live: Honoring Memorial Day Through Music: Bonita-Sunnyside Library, May 27, 2-3
  • The Violin/Fiddle: LJCC, June 20, 1-2
  • Live: History of San Diego Through Music: Bonita-Sunnyside Library, June 24, 2-3
  • Live: Animals in Folk Music: Bonita-Sunnyside Library, July 8, 2-3
  • Live: Many-Strings on The Star of India, Maritime Museum, July 14, 10-12noon. Water Music set.
  • Live: San Diego Country History Through Music: Aug. 8, 1-2 pm, San Marcos Library
  • Live: Many-Strings on The Star of India (Maritime Museum) Aug. 11, 10am-noon.
  • Live: A World of Songs: Bonita-Sunnyside Library, Aug, 19th, 2-3
  • Live: History of San Diego County Through Music, Lakeside Library, Sept. 8, 11-12noon
  • Live: History of San Diego County Through Music, Rancho Bernardo Historical Society, Sept. 9, 11-12
  • Many-Strings performs on The Star of India (SD Maritime) Sept. 13, 10-12noon
  • Live: Songs from the Wild West: Alpine Library, Sept. 16 at 10:30-11:30 am

If you would like to book us for a house concert or show, or for outstanding background music for your venue, please contact us at

Please enjoy samples of our performances in the Video sections of this site.

Our Education Commitment:

Chris has over 40 years of experience teaching San Diego, California, and American history through music.

  • He has led over 150 school assemblies focused on teaching children and adults historical music through vocal and instrument participation.
  • He has taught classes for teachers at UCSD and SDSU.
  • He also regularly teaches OASIS Adult Education classes