Public Responses to "Notes in the Village" CD

Chris and Jamie Burns are Many-Strings. Jamie performs on a custom hammered dulcimer and Chris accompanies her on guitar and keyboard. Many-Strings performs regularly in San Diego’s Spanish Village art colony, Balboa Park, and Old Town. Please see for bio info, recordings and video.

  • "Your recording is very soothing. Wonderful melodies. I really have enjoyed listening to it.” Spanish Village Visitor
  • "Your CD is beautiful. We listen to it all the time.” Business owner
  • "I listen to your CD on the drive back from work. It really calms everything down.” Teacher
  • "Beautiful cover. Who did your artwork work?" Latin Jazz Musician (Michelle Gonzalez did the cover art.)
  • "Gorgeous! I wish we had used your Pachelbel for our wedding. We searched online and found a really beautiful one, but yours is the best!” Honeymoon couple in in Chico
  • "We play your CD throughout the gallery. Timeless. Beautiful.” Big Sur gallery owner
  • "That’s really wonderful. How many tracks are in that piece?” Chico resident before the purchase (The piece has five tracks.)
  • "How do you get such a natural sound from the dulcimer?” San Diego musician (We used a stereo Rode microphone.)
  • "Simply beautiful!” Village tourist listening to "Solo Notes”
  • "Put us on the list for your next CD. Just e-mail me and I’ll send the money.” Balboa Park visitor wanting an advanced copy of "Notes in the Village”
  • "Love the key changes and arrangements!” San Diego musician
  • "I’d like to buy 6. Will you take a check? I want to give them to my friends when I get back to San Francisco.” Village Tourist (Yes, we take checks)
  • "How long will you be here?…OK I’ll be right back. My husband’s at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Center. I’ll be right back!” Balboa Park visitor (She made it back in time!)