Audience Responses to Many Strings Performances

Chris and Jamie Burns are Many-Strings. Jamie performs on a custom hammered dulcimer and Chris accompanies her on guitar and keyboard. Many-Strings performs regularly in San Diego’s Spanish Village art colony, Balboa Park, and Old Town. Please see for bio info, recordings and video.

  • "Your notes are like magic…they calm the entire square. Kind of like a harp, but different really. Very peaceful. Thank you.” Visitor, Spanish Village
  • "Emma and I have listened to your music and it is fantastic. What a joyous, classical sound…timeless…delightful…We would love to have you bring your music to the Coast Gallery in Big Sur…” Gary, CEO of the Big Sur Coast Gallery and Coast Publishing
  • "I love your sound. When I close my eyes, it’s perfectly blended. Then when I watch you, I can see where the notes are coming from (dulcimer or guitar.) Spanish Village Tourist
  • "Thank you for providing such delightful music…I heard only positive, very passionate praise for such a delightful accompaniment to our event.” Gabe, Director of Public Events for SD History Center, after performing at Serra Museum Open House and Fund Raiser
  • "Your music just floats over the cabin village. It’s wonderful.” Kings Canyon camper responding to a Many-Strings evening practice
  • "I really love the way your dulcimer sounds. Very beautiful.” Visitor at La Jolla concert
  • "That’s beautiful. What’s your instrument called? How long have you been playing? How did you learn how to play it?” Tourist at La Jolla musical picnic
  • "No, you don’t bother us. Actually we book our room next to where we are told you are staying. We love to listen to you practice.” Big Sur Lodge tourist and San Jose Symphony musician
  • "You guys are awesome. How long have you been playing together? You match each other perfectly.” Spanish Village Visitor